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October 16, 2003     Alvord Sun Gazette
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October 16, 2003

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........ OPINION Generous Offers From Rich Friends Around The World ByTed Hofsiss <tedhof@> Most of our regular readers will remember the short notices and warnings in Wayne Dennis' col- umns concerning get rich quick schemes you are likely to find in your email. 1 average one a day of potentially dangerous seams. There are dozens and dozens of enticements to spend my money, some me legitimate, some are phony. Most of the phony ones will take your money and the only thing you will get in return is a lesson about knoving the person with whom you do busi-  :hess. ! .... .' ! i , . :, Hgwever, amon these "spanv' offers, you may :find the get rich quik schemer who is looking for a partner. He offers you the chance to gain multiple millions of dollars for the use of your bank account for a few weeks. I say it's the worst because mos of the They had gotten the actual money out of the country before Taylor had to resign, they must now assign it to a "trusted" person outside of Liberia who will accept the money and place it in his ac- count. Here is an excerpt from this "Liherian citizen's" letter. I am excising his name in case there is such a person. I don't want to libel anyone unjustly. "Dear Friend, "...Few weeks before., his stepped down as the president, Mr. Charles Taylor gave me the sum of usd$65 million (sixty five mill|on united state dollars) and asks me to seek the assistance of an overseas partner....How- ever, we were able to move this money out in cash as artifacts. The content however wasn? t disclosed to the security company that is presently having this money. This amount is presently in a safe keep- ing outside Liberia and definitely not in Africa. "The location and all the se- curity code/personal identification numbers etc shall be released to you once you expressed your will- ingness to be part of this transac- tion .... IT]he account of the former president of Liberia His Excellency Charles Taylor are currently frozen and we cant afford to take chances with this amount as it means a lot to the family hence we are not will- ing to release details until we are sure of you. Should you be interested in being part of this transaction, some percentages that could be worked would be yours, while the Balance you shall invest on some investment with good re- turns, please send your response to this secret email address." "Await your response. "Best Regards." Let me see if I have this straight. Former Presi- dent of Liberia wants to send to me, to be delivered by some security company, the actual 65 million in greenbacks, to my house, then I am supposed to take them (in a large truck) to my bank and say, "Deposit this in my account please!" Yeah, right! The circumstances are varied and fascinating, but all the schemes are basically the same. Most explain that they have gotten their "loot" by some chicanery or looting of some fund. Though they don't call it that. Once in a while there is an "hon- est" scare artist. Such as the man wbose father was a wealthy white farmer in Zimbabwe. The govern- "spammers" will stit'f you for only a few dollars. Your friendly "wannabe" co-bank account partner could do you in for your entire life savings. I believe most of these messages come from conmen in the United States and Euri3pe; i catinot ove the peceding statement because it is difficult to tell where most websites . or entail addresses are locate. ' Ted Most of these offers seem to me to be made by persons whose first language is English, or Europeans who have a good command of English. I say this because I believe the wters go Overboard trying to convince prospec- five ,ictiths that they arenot Americans and that their command of English is ptor. Note letter in the beloff, that the writer attempts tO write as he thinks he would if he had trouble speaking English 1 don't know much about these schemes, but I do know that no one is going to send an emaii to a person that is a total strange r ancl offer him/her mul- tiple .millions of United States Dollars. There is no such person e'en if he addresses you as: Dear Friend, My Dear Friend, or Dear Sir. He has no regard for you, only foryour money. : The gneral scheme is alwaYs the same. The thief,, for that is what he hopes to become, has ac- cess to many millions of w, IS Dollars. They range from the "pikers" who cla, ory 12 million, to the "high rollers who want to "give" you a generous percentage of their wealth, which may be as much as 136 million US Deilars. The money has always come into their posses- sion by a quirk of fate, an inheritance, or perhaps a dead sailor who made a fortune. He died with no relatives. No one knows about the money in a bank. account, but your "wanna be" partner. He h'4e deparw-d.'", account iment ;kad taken their farm. They can't take th,eir 'and will nakethetransfer f:tlr:ac, c0.unf as,soon , money{rlom e ba0..k, so it will have to be trans- as;you let Oimknow things at:show you are trust- fetred:tO a foreigner who is lowed to move the worthy. It isnever stated that the person wh0wants money out of the country. Then they can leave the to become your partner has gained access to this country and get their money from me. money by breaking one or more laws. These laws are the kind that will be found in every organized society that has a banking system. But early on in the message you will become aware, if you are old enough to read and understand, that this person, is an embezzler, a thief, a manipulator, or worse. Before you have read more than a few lines, the conm,'m will make  attempt to gain your sympa- flay. He is dying of cancer and has access to x num- ber of dollars, but-tin that litter3 letter word lies the secret  hy your new found  friend is willing to give up from 10% to 50% 0fthe available money to you.) he is not allowed to move money from his ltme cbuntry t0other ctutatty.'But he can assign ", the moneyJo youad the trisection will be do- able. Notice I Said ddable, a0 |al ! . Other letters attempt to portray different circum- ; stances: Former President of Liberia, Charles Tay- lor has asked:his istant to find a person who Can' be trusted, .Tfiey  to trsfer to me, to put in my bank account'65 rrlion USD. i i i i i TtlURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 r 2003 - THEALVORD -SUNSET GAZETTE - PAGE 3 I I JEANNIE 0 UT OF THE BO TTLE By Jeannle Parson "ON TIlE ROAD AGAIN 1 JUST CAN'T WAIT TO GET ON THE ROAD AGAIN" size behind me so I could reach the gas pedal. You know I don't think they make those big old trucks fi)r 5 foot women! I had to put both feet on the brake and extend my legs all the way out, just to One "Christian," son of a preacher had mul- tiple millions he wanted to move to my account om an African country. Part of the money would be mine, part would be his, and "...the rest would go to do the work of the Lord." Uh-huh! Touching isn't it.'? Auother had skimmed 30 million USD from a contract he controlled for the government in Zam- bia. A few have claimed to be on other continents. All are b!atam crinfinals who wish to tap the receiver's greed. However, he assured, there are no multiple millions just waiting to be placed in your baik acuht. The writers Of these seams want'your money, o!" your identity, or both. DO NOT answer these emai!:If there is nofiey involved (other than yours) it belongs to someone or some government, not the conmaa. Delete the emails or turn them in to a police authority. 'I Energy00n00,: .................... You De0000ine How mUchto instil :, -, . ; . . Ca= Get ahon"e" back;up sy00em newt: be. lnthed00k a.g00n, No Fuel needed, fdly automai00 g01arPan00s, Inverlel00:,Di00, wind:T00nes !-877-591-0661 www,EcoVantage Energy.corn i1 The Federalist is a puNiion of Pub!ius ,a, Copyright (c) 1981-2003 Publius Press, Inc. All rights rerved.'The Federalist is a Town Hall!CififfOr/nization http:/, ! did it!!! 1 think. No, I didn't do it; a whole lot'of people helped me to do it, move that is. Do I sound a little rattled--boy that's the understatement of the year! Maybe I should start at the beginning. Our grown sons live in Missouri, our grown daughter lives in II1i- nois and my Cameron was just pulled away from us and out of my arms after 8 years. Cameron's grandfather decided after 8 years he would adopt him. My beloved husband recovered from cancer to have three massive strokes this April and two weeks after we came home, our house burned. I don't know call it silly but some- thing just said, "GETTHE HECK OUT OF DODGE!". My father taught me to drive almost anything that rolls. ("THANKS PAPA") I called the Itx:al U-Haulit place and rented a 24 foot truck and trailer to pull my car. The only things we had were what we had in stor- age. My husband was in the Air Force for 20 years and military people ,always have something that won't fit in this house but did fit in the last house  so we al. ways bad .something in storage. "Ibere is that silver lin- ing. Thank You God. Ul)n my door step there showed up 4 angels, all at the exact same time I pulled the empty truck up in front of the storage building. One was my student from DayStar Christian Academy, Mathew Baird. Two were the tall, oldest boys of my friends Melody & Johnny Griffith. It seems they sent Joseph and Chris to lift and help load everything. Out of the blue came Wesley McNorton just in case we needed a hand. Mathew, Jo- seph, Chris and Wesley there is no way to say thank you enough. 1 am leaving behind so many friends and boys you are 4 of them. Thank you for your Christian Ser- vice. All the loading done, it was time to leave my friends and all the members of my church, The First Baptist Church of Alvord. This was so, so very hard to do. l drove off. I had to put a large square cushion under me so l could see the end of the truck and a cushion the same make the thing stop! Oh well, in the beginning PaPa taught me how tt) drive with a brick on the gas pedai and a rope around it so i could pull it up to make it stop. The cushions were a lot easier and a lot more comfi)rtable than those huge St. Louis Yellow pages books I use to sit on. Now, see l know there axe guys laughing still, but I got all the way to Missouri. ! didn't even hit anybody. OK, ! did cut off two cars on the 600 mile trip. You know those signs on 18 wheelers that say, "If you can't see my mirrors I can't see you[". THOSE SIGNSARETRUE! The two cars that I was talking about were right on the bumper of the trailer with my car on it. I didn't see them and I signaled and looked out both mirrors. From Alvord, Texas to Kansas City, Missouri every time I had to stop at the truck stops fi)r gas, l saw the trackers laughing and just because my pil- lows looked funny! I have to admit that getting out and not quite reaching the running boards (or what. ever they call them) looked strange and then when you looked back at my pillow set up well that did it. Everybody at the truck stops had a good laugh. Each and every trucker was .always ready to help and "al- ways asked if I needed it though. They were the gx)d guys on this w)yage of mine. i still find my- self singing to myself that song "ON THE ROAD AGAIN --I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO GET ON THE ROADAGAIN!![!!!/" NOT ME BUDDY, NOT ME. FROM CITY CO UNCIL CHAMBER S By Doris Speed Bollinger Last Thursday's City Council meeting was a long some 2,700 acres of property along FM 1655 be- one, as I had suspected it would be. After Mayor Wil- tween Alvord and Chico. He and his son, Richard, son opened the meeting and the.usual opening fi)rmali- Jr., attended the meeting to discuss their plans for ties were taken care of, the Council considered several development of that property and to see how they items of old business. No action was taken to abolish and the City of Alvord can work together in the de- the old subdivision ordinance, because it was negated veiopment of this property. Part of the Forsythe by the passing of the new subdivision regulations at last property lies within the City's extra territorial ju- month's meeting, risdiction (ETJ). Nina Myers, who had asked the Council to consider After Mr. Forsythe's presentation, the Council providing a bus service from Alvord to other cities in adjourned to executive session to discuss possible the area, was not present when her name was called, ways to work with Mr. Forsythe in providing set- The Council has received detailed infi)rmation from vices fi)r his development, meeting new state re- TAPS, a local transportation company that already pro- quirements fi)r the wastewater treatment plant, and rides service to our area. so the Council sees no reason any further action to be taken on the presence of to pursue this further. Anyone needing transportation in injection wells in our area. Wise or Montague Counties can call 1-800-256-0911 Back in open session, City Attorney Art or 1-888-301-7433 to schedule a ride when needed. Rilrigueztoid members that the incident near Chloe Their fees are quite reasonable, and they offer dimounts when salt water apparently bubbled up through old for the disabled and senior citizens, abandoned wells has gotten the attention of the A request for a zoning change from R 1 to R2 was Texas Railroad Commission. He added that he felt granted to Barry Stone, who plans to build brick du- the city's money could now be best spent in lobby- plexes on the property bounded by W. Live Oak and ing for change in the laws goveruing injection wells. Wise Streets. No neighbors objected to this zoning The renewal of library, fire department, and change, deputy contracts with the county were renewed. A Fire Chief Campbell and City Fire Inspector motion to amend the budget died for lack of a sec- McDonald brought the AVFD's new tanker truck by for end until members have had time to review the pro- council members to see. Agenda items were switched, posed budget amendments. so we could inspect the truck before dark. The truck Reports from the library and fire department will be on display during the AVFD fundraiser next were made available to the Council. 277 patrons weekend, visited the Alvord Public Library during Septem- TheTexas Department of Transportation is consid- bet. Volunteers spent 156 hours providing library ering our request for their help in finding a way to make services to residents from Aivord and the surround- the intersection at Business Hwy. 287 and Wickham ing area. AVFD volunteers respamded to 15 calls Streets safer for everyone. Sight distance problems at during the month, 3 of which were medical emer- this intersection coupled with parking ahmg Bus. Hwy. gencies within the city. 287 have resulted in several accidents. One possible Two reminders of upcoming civic events--the solution being considered is the installation of a 4-way AVFD fundraiser at 5:00 p.m. Saturday, October stop at that intersection. 18* at the Fire Hall, and the Chamber of Commerce Every two years tines and school districts are asked regular monthly meeting at 7:00 p.m. Monday, Oc- to submit names of persons to serve on the Board of tober 20" at the Civic Center. This will be the last Directors of the Wise County Appraisal District. The Chamber meeting before the Fall Fest in downtown Council will submit the names of Jane Carroll, who Aivord on Saturday, October 25 *. spoke to the Council of her qualifications and desire to serve, and Joe Kiesendahl, whose name was submitted Until next week, I remain by Mayor Wilson. Respectfully yours, Richard Forsythe of Piano had asked that his name Doris Speed Bolllnger be placed on the agenda. Mr. Forsythe has purchased Alvord City Council, Place 5 Have you ever felt that drugging your child to improve his or her educational perfor- mance or behavior was wrong? Today, eight million American children are prescribed mind-altering drugs for"mentai disorders" that cannot be scientifically proven. Ed u- cational problems are being mislabeled, children are being stigmatized as mentally ill, and parents are being forced to drug them or face charges of medical or educational neglect. You're right, these thi are wring. Call the Citizens Commmgon on Human Rights at 1-800-869-2247. Or visit